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The Complete Signature Series

The Complete Signature Series is the latest Series of my Presets, and they can give amazing looks and mood in your images. When you click a specific preset, it’s like you follow one of my recipes for a great photo.

Something amazing with the Signature Series is that you can adjust the opacity of the Presets (because color profiles are included). Also this package includes the Lightroom Mobile Version of the Presets (dng), and the LUT Files for Videographers!

Series included in this Extraordinary Bundle:

The Elegance Series (LR Presets, LR Mobile Presets, Color Profiles, LUTS)

The Adventure Series (LR Presets, LR Mobile Presets, Color Profiles, LUTS)

The Cinematic Series (LR Presets, LR Mobile Presets, Color Profiles, LUTS)

The Film Series (LR Presets, LR Mobile Presets, Color Profiles, LUTS)

All of my Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions have been tested on a wide variety of images to help you get the same amazing result in your images too. You can achieve the best result on images that are more neutral toned overall, or images with a perfect exposure. But this is not always possible, so I suggest you to adjust the opacity of the profile, exposure, contrast & other settings to achieve your desired look! In the package you will also find a video tutorial (English & Greek) with installation instructions.


  • USD: 131.80$

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Product Description

    • John Makris Lightroom Presets are tested to work with Lightroom Classic CC. So the files you will download will be “.xmp”. If you have an older version, you can contact us to send you the same presets in “lrtemplate” type, but we cannot guarantee that they will work fully in older versions of Lightroom.
    • I have created these presets to be applied on RAW files, they are not designed to be used editing JPG files. THEY WORK on JPG too, but maybe with not all of the adjustments.
    • Because these are digital products, there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.
    • If you have any problems or questions you can send an email at
    • John Makris Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions are copyrighted. So it’s illegal to redistribute any presets purchased.
    • If you want to share your images you have used my presets on them, you can add the hashtag #johnmakrispresets

Series Included in this Collection: